ASVPM Meetup Speaker Requirements Checklist

Meetup Guest: Kimberly Wiefling

Date: Thursday, Dec. 21st, 2023

Time: 12:00 pm PST /2:00 pm CST /3:00 pm EST
Topic : “Exceptional Team Effectiveness – A Group is Not A Team”

Guest Speaker’s format and timing : 

  • The presentation will take 45 minutes including team exercise or breakout room activities to be completed in 6 – 12 minutes x 2 or 3 exercises
  • 15 minutes for Q&A, bonus material, parking lot questions, etc.

Specific requirements for this meetup:

    •    Facilitate the break-out rooms for groups of participants.
    •    Have the Zoom whiteboard open and allow all attendees to write on it.
    •    Keep chat open for participants to chat with each other during the meetup.
    •    Add Guest Speaker(Kimberly) and her assistant(Glenda Grant) as co-hosts.
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