ASVPM Benefits


What Benefits Do ASVPM Programs Provide?

  • Flexible Hours
  • Free or Limited Cost (No Major Expense)
  • Build Hands-on Agile Related Experience/Skills
  • Develop an Agile Mindset
  • Network With Fellow Agile Practitioners
  • Gain Exposure and Build Credibility within the Agile and Project Management Professional Community.
  • Build a Resume to Improve Agile Related Employment Opportunities.

Who would benefit from an ASVPM program?

  • Newly Certified Scrum Master Seeking Experience.
  • Newly Certified Product Owner Seeking Experience.
  • Professionals Seeking Opportunities for Agile Skills Development and Experience.
  • Professionals Seeking to Develop Empirical Leadership Skills.
  • Professionals with Project Management Experience Seeking Transition to Agile and to Develop an Agile Mindset.
  • Someone in Career Transition to Agile.
  • Someone Attempting re-enter the Workforce in Agile.
  • Someone Needing Career Growth in Agile.
  • New College Graduates Seeking a Career in Agile.

What is ASVPM?

ASVPM is a nonprofit organization focused on building a safe environment where volunteers can experience structured Agile and Scaled-Value Project and Program Management (ASVPM). ASVPM is a community of professional volunteers whose directive is to use the latest scientific and technological advancements to experience, build, and manage complex projects, programs, and organizations.

See: ASVPM Vision & Mission

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