ASVPM Mission & Vision

ASVPM Mission

The mission of the ASVPM organization is to support programs run by volunteer professionals as a platform to learn and experience scrum fundamentals, Agile frameworks, and practices through the process of immersion.

ASVPM Vision

ASVPM’s vision is to continuously build the next generation of Agile Practitioners/Leaders for (global) society at large.

Empirical Leadership

ASVPM promotes empirical leadership – leadership practices that are governed by the values and principles of Agile. This is the systemic force behind all ASVPM programs.

Empirical Leadership development enables us to:

          • Build a community of agile thinkers and practitioners that share lessons and best practices based on real-world experiences applying Agile, Lean, and Project Management fundamentals.
          • Enable environments where participants can create for themselves and their fellow practitioners a platform where they can apply and experience the effects of Agile principles, practices, and tools and therefore develop an Agile mindset.
          • Support and maintain a culture of trust and transparency where participants are encouraged to recognize the value of stepping out of their comfort zone to try new things, fail fast, and validate Agile practices through immersion.

The key driving forces behind the ASVPM experience include (but are not limited to):

❖ Challenge

❖ Mastery

❖ Contribution

❖ Collaboration

❖ Share and Support

See: ASVPM Benefits


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