Meetup Preparations 2024

ASVPM Meetup Event Preparations

Please familiarize yourself with “ASVPM Meetup – Everything you need to know to organize a Meetup

This document includes preparation steps after the Event has been published on the Meetup platform


ASVPM Meetup Event Preparations for January 25, 2024

Meetup time: 11:00 am PST, 1:00 pm CST, 2:00 pm EST

Topic: Leveraging Cloud Computing Principles for Enhanced Project and Program Management: Case Studies and Best Practices

Guest Speaker: Dr. Nathaniel P. Crews Ph.D., PMP, ACP, SPC6

Meetup Event Link:


We will be going over these opening questions and updating the following checklist/assignments in this meeting:

Preliminary Start Time for Guest Speaker and Facilitators: 10:30 am PST, 12:30 pm CST, 1:30 pm EST on the event day of Jan. 25th, 2024.

Link to Intake Form template from Guest Speaker : Intake Form

NOTE: Needs break-out rooms, link to forms, etc. : None for this meetup
Who will initiate breakout rooms for pairs of participants for the closing debriefs? N/A

Backup Zoom meeting to use in an emergency:

David shares a backup Zoom meeting link with Facilitators/Co-Hosts, so they can have it on hand just in case (of Zoom Bombing). Here is the alternate emergency Zoom link info:


Alternative(Plan B): ASVPM Meetup Alternative Zoom (in case of any Zoom Bombing!)

We will have multiple co-hosts for any virtual meetings (to ensure continuous meeting sessions).


  1. <Meetup Team member – Content/Marketing>Apala to advertise and promote Meetup on social media, and Slack “General” channel.
  2. <Meetup Team member- Content/Marketing>Apala, David to send a reminder email to meetup group followers (LinkedIn, etc.).
  3. <Meetup Team member- Content/Marketing>Apala Re-broadcast announcements on LinkedIn and Meetup.
  4. <Meetup Team member/Co-Organizer>Felecia To inform the guest speaker to join 20 minutes before the scheduled meetup start time. Communicate via email – send out zoom link and other meetup logistics details in the week prior to the meetup and a reminder on the Monday/Tuesday of the meetup week.
  5. <Introducing Meetup team member> Don to create a short 2-minute Introduction script with small variations that can continue to be used as standard for our meetups. Also, a 2-minute standard closing script.

We will look into Facebook as another social media to send our Meetup announcements in the future to get a broader audience to our event. (We will take this up with the HS&S team for discussion and further research for establishing an ASVPM Facebook account to expand our social media market reach.)


Team to perform a preliminary checkpoint (see “During The Meetup” and “After The Meetup” sections below) to assign the Host and other administrators for the event and confirm that all active members have their assignments for the meetup and the team is ready.
->Repeat 3a for this meetup.
->Review specific requirements, if any from <Speaker> in the intake form
or ASVPM Meetup Speaker Requirements Checklist  <N/A for Dr. Nate Crews>


Preliminary Questions for the Guest Speaker:

  • Ask the speaker if they would like to stay on the call for 10 minutes after the end of the Meetup to entertain any further Q&As or discussions with our guests.
    • If our Speaker can stay after the call for an extra 10 minutes: Then at the end of the hour, we will announce to the guests that we will be keeping the call open for another 10 minutes as a post-meeting social to network and entertain any further discussion. This activity will not be recorded. (See step 16 below.)
    • If our Speaker has a hard stop and can’t remain on the call after the end of the meetup: If the guest speaker has a “hard stop”, inform them that we will make the final closing announcement, and they will be free to leave the call at that time. We will still keep the call open for the remaining 10 minutes to participants for open forum discussions.
  • Ask the speaker for permission to record and publish this meetup event.
    • Explain ASVPM Meetup’s recording and publishing policy.
      • We post the ASVPM Meetup recording on the website only.
      • Will remove any time at the request of the speaker, etc.
  • Ask the speaker for permission to obtain and publish their presentation slides.
    • Explain ASVPM Meetup’s recording and publishing policy.
      • We post the Guest Speaker’s presentation slides on the website only.
      • Will remove any time at the request of the speaker, etc.
      • Check with the speaker if they would like the chat moderator to post their linkedin, email address and website if any in the meetup chat.
  • Check with the speaker if they would be okay to leave most of the Q&A addressed towards the last 10 minutes of the event to keep the flow of the presentation and for time boxing.


  1. David is to start meeting 30 minutes before.
    1. Be sure Host Facilitator and Guest Speaker for this event is set with Co-host permissions.
    2. Be sure Meetup Team are set with co-host permissions – Don, David, Felecia, Apala, Soumya, and the Speaker
  2. All ASVPM Hosts & Co-Hosts add “ASVPM” next to the Zoom display names for the visitors to know which Meetup Team members are representing this meetup event.  (Suggest testing the Logo option in our next retro.)
  3. <Meetup Team Co-hosts > Soumya Check the meetup pagecomments
    1. <Meetup Team Co-hosts> Soumya, Apala, Felecia, and David to admit incoming attendees to the meeting (muted)
      Please Note:

      1. Incoming attendees should not be admitted before the actual start time of the meetup. This is because attendees need not listen to the logistics review discussions between the speaker, and the meetup team.
      2. Mute everyone as they join, only the host and speaker should be unmuted during the guest speaker presentation.
      3. For attendees with no-name, please ask them to rename themselves in the waiting room chat!
      4. Remove “Trolls” in the chat, or anyone else that exhibits any kind of rude and/or weird behavior.
  4. <Meetup Team Co-host> David, or Apala, Felecia, Soumya to record to the cloud.
  5. <Meetup Team Co-host> Soumya Set the Transcript feature to on (located in the “more” options) – note this will enable subtitles during the call.
    1. Note: Transcript download can be used to aid us in writing articles on the speaker’s subject matter for our website.
  6. <Host Facilitator> Don a.) Welcome attendees, b.) Introduce the ASVPM Meetup Event and c.) Introduce the Guest Speaker and ask them to begin their presentation.
    1. (Please refer to the ASVPM Example Meetup Host Introduction Script.)
  7. <Chat Moderator> Felecia to moderate the chat.
    1. (Please refer to the Moderator Tasks document. Modify chat script as needed.) Chat moderation script is also available on
  8. <Break-Out Activity Moderator, if any> N/A None
  9. <Meetup Team Co-host(s)> David, Apala, Soumya, Felecia to remove anyone that has a weird behavior.
  10. <Meetup Team Co-host(s)> David, Apala, Soumya, Felecia mute everyone as they join, only the host and speaker can be unmuted.
  11. <Host Facilitator>Don When presentation is concluded, announce the Q&A session.
    1. Use time-box discretion, speaker’s flexibility, and if not enough questions in chat to allow a couple of attendees to ask their questions directly at the end.
  12. <Meetup Team Q&A moderator> Apala Track Q&A posts in the chat. The Q&A moderator would read the questions from the chat – only during the Q&A session.
  13. <Meetup Team Timekeeper> David Will acts as the timekeeper.
  14. <Host Facilitator> Don Check with the timekeeper to determine the time remaining and inform the Speaker and Guests of the time remaining for the Q&A – taking into consideration reserving 3 minutes before closing for final announcements.
  15. <Host Facilitator> Don: Conclude and Close the Meetup session (after the Q&A).
    1. (Please refer to the ASVPM Example Meetup Host Introduction Script.)
      1. Example:
        1. Thank the speaker
        2. Thank our Donors: Eva Arnett & Sharon Wright ($100.00 or more…)
        3. Thank our Supporting Sponsor: ($200 or more…) – i.e., Kimberly Wiefling
    2. Inform the community about the next meetups, and future events, (Meetup page, Website for blogs, and follow us on LinkedIn, etc.) and paste the link of the meetup page to follow up, so they are informed
    3. Mention the Guest Speaker’s contact details/website.
    4. Announce the recording will be available on our community-blog website in a week.
    5. Ask participants to post questions to the meetup page, or to feel free to reach out to the guest speaker directly.
  16. <Chat Moderator> Felecia: –  Post any donor information such as webpages and/or LinkedIn contact information in the Chat. 
    1. All information referred by the Host Facilitator in the Donor announcements above is to be posted on chat.
  17. <Meetup Team Co-host> Soumya: Stop the recording and keep the Zoom session active.
  18. <Host Facilitator> David: Announce the 10-minute “post-meeting social”.
    1. Inform the attendees that we will be keeping the call open for another 10 minutes as a post-meeting social to network and entertain any further discussion.
      1. (Please refer to the ASVPM Example Meetup Host Introduction Script.)
  19. <Host Facilitator> David: Announce the conclusion of the “post-meeting social” and close the Zoom session.
    1. Note to <Host Facilitator> and/or <Meetup Team Timekeeper>: Please feel free to extend the social activity to over 15 minutes if this activity continues to be engaged with active and lively discussions, (otherwise you may close early) but don’t let this activity go any longer 20 minutes. After 20 minutes be sure to thank them for joining again, then announce the close of this Meetup and encourage the host and guests to contact each other “offline” on LinkedIn for further follow-up information and discussions.

Note: If the Speaker has a hard stop:

  • If the speaker has a “hard stop” they would be free to leave the call and the call will remain open for 10 minutes for guest discussions.


  1. Donald to download the recording
  2. Donald to upload the recording on
  3. Donald to upload the text format (this is the whole script of the presentation) on
  4. Donald to upload the presentation if shared on
  5. Donald to update the “Meetup & events” page on with the recording and presentation and the text. (Convert the presentation deck to PDF.)
  6. Donald to inform the #hs&s group once the links are ready.
  7. Apala to email the speaker after the meetup to thank him/her. (mention on behalf of the Co-hosts by name and the ASVPM community)
  8. Apala to send a thank-you email to the Meetup attendees with the survey link.
  9. Apala to send a message to the leadership/general channels on Slack informing them of the recording/presentation/transcript once uploaded “Meetup & events” page. Also, send out a survey link.
  10. Apala to send a brief email to meetup attendees with the link where we’ve uploaded the recording, etc., and a survey link[]. Note: Based on our observation from past events, we do not send these links in the public domain and meetup comments. (This will negatively impact our future attendance.)

The following is for review in Retrospective and is included as a post-event task upon approval from ASVPM Meetup team members

For the meetup event:

Survey to gain insights to improve attendee experience:

  • Sent out the survey link : [] in the chat, in a Thank you email, and in Slack General channel to event attendees in the previous meetup.
  • Only 1 response was received. Not enough data to draw any conclusions.
  • Review feedback & insights with the team to improve the survey or whether we should continue sending out survey.

For subsequent meetup events:

*Several guest speakers have expressed having positive experiences with the ASVPM meetup team in planning, organizing, communicating, hosting, and facilitating events. Hence a short survey to gain insights to improve the Speaker experience can be explored in the future.

Survey to gain Insights to improve Speaker experience:

  • Review Survey questions
  • Finalize survey questions
  • Create survey
  • Send out a post-meetup event short survey to the Speaker
  • Review feedback
  • Insights for improvement

Facebook – another Social media for broadcasting Meetup events 
Look into Facebook as another social media to send our Meetup announcements to expand our social media market reach and get a broader audience to our event. (HS&S team to further discuss/research to utilize an ASVPM Facebook account

Other Info:

  • ●  The presentation will take 40 minutes.
  • ●  10 minutes to Q&A, bonus material, parking lot questions, etc.
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